Why use Hotel a la Maison’s services?

For a more profitable and hassle-free rental

Our clients are usually investors who already have short-term rental properties and / or people who want to start in the field and need advice to find the right deal. In both cases, they do not want to manage their property on a daily basis and want to be assured that all means will be taken to make their real estate investment as profitable as possible. Our services offer all of this, without binding you to an exclusive contract that could interfere with your freedom: the best of both worlds!

Enjoy the peace and quiet that our 24/7 turnkey service will provide you, while maximizing the profitability of your rentals!

Get started in the short-term rental

Our turnkey services can help you find the right property and facilitate your financing. Once you have made your purchase, we will provide you with a list of everything you need to buy to be ready to welcome your travelers. We can even buy everything for you!

Maximize the number of rentals in your property

Good customer service is synonymous with profitability. Knowing how to communicate with travelers is also essential. A quick response increases the chances of getting a reservation. Hotel at home has its own 24/7 call center and its agents are all bilingual and even trilingual. They respond right away to all requests for information and invite people to book. They also handle emergencies (people getting lost, broken items, internet problems, etc.). They are also the ones who manage departures and arrivals.

So that your home is rented as often as possible, we modulate prices weekly to obtain a maximum of last-minute rentals while respecting profitability ratios.

Create added value

Rent more often, at the best price possible. At Hotel at Home, we understand how passionate investors are about commercial activities. Our strategy is to find ways to rent your property at the best possible price and as often as possible.

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Enjoy quality assurance

We guarantee a five-star service in all spheres of our activities. In addition, we are covered by comprehensive professional and civil liability insurance.