Advice for a successful short-term renting investment!

Looking to invest in a short-term rental property? Whether this is your first purchase or a new project, we will help you find the investment that will generate the most revenue according to your budget!

A coaching approach

In collaboration with your real estate agent, our approach in coaching will allow you to direct your research towards the best possible opportunity in the short-term, touristic field. Our complementary services in rental management will allow you to develop your project with ease and peace of mind, while ensuring you maximize your earnings and achieve success!

Why let us help you find new short-term rental opportunities?

When you want to get into short-term rental, it is imperative to know the market. Hotel at home can help you find the best locations to focus on and will provide you with budget planning for any properties that have caught your eye. These forecasts will be very useful when you meet your banker!

Professionals of short term rental

Our years of experience in the short-term rental environment have allowed us to develop expertise in the field. We own touristic cottages ourselves and we know both the issues and the good practices leading to the success of this type of commercial activity. Above all, we are passionate about the short-term rental environment and driven by its potential!

Before starting your short-term rental activities, get advice from our network of real estate and mortgage advisors!

Our investors advisory services

  • Support in your search for profitable opportunities in the short-term rental market taking into account the location, the particularities of the building and the land on which the property is located;
  • A complete assessment of the potential profitability of your acquisition project based on objective and standardized criteria;
  • Support in seeking funding and support for obtaining it through well-developed partnerships in both traditional or private sectors;
  • Start-up tips to help you focus your energy and investments on the elements that will drive your success;
  • Support at various levels in the realization of your rental activities, through our management services adaptable to your needs!

Calculation of the rate of return

Contact us for an estimate of the occupancy rate and expected profitability of your home or the one you consider buying!

Rental management

From home staging to online advertising, rental management, 24/7 customer support and an impressive range of “à la carte” services: discover our turnkey approach that will allow you to generate more revenue without hassle!

Conciergerie and housekeeping

We will provide you with a housekeeping service adapted to your needs, which may include your spa and exterior maintenance, minor repairs and more. We will take care of your property as if it were ours!



Our approach in interior design combines aesthetics to the everyday functional side of life to create a harmonious and trendy environment! From the purchase of furniture to the painting and installation: our professionals adapt their services to meet your needs!